Take your home back!               Control the Internet to your child’s appropriate level.                  
My wife: “The children are locked down like fort Knoxx!”

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The children have their own wireless SSID.Always works, never fails.
All content is filtered by OPEN DNS and Dansguardian. * Worlds best, double stacked!

God says take back your home”

In development: Weekly status reports to your email. A Real time portal to see what going through it. In this day and age it's real incredible what people are trying to do to injure people via the internet. Horrible comments by "trolls" etc. Don’t wait till your child’s next.

Switch your Iphone / tablet  to the Dream Plug SSID and see the garbage get blocked. No configuration, just choose the SSID. The system works all the time.

Dream Plug Hardware $175.00 from Amazon. $250 To configure, setup, train, manuals and CD.
Once this device is running, its self sustaining requires no maintenance.

Change all existing wireless passwords before deploying the Dream-plug. Make sure all keys and SSID’s are forgotten. This will be one of your life’s best investments, you only have them while there young.

“The is the best money I’ve ever invested in my children” – Mother of 4